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Q: What pain does it help with?

A: The SleepCloud® Pillow mainly helps with neck, shoulder and even head pain. It can alleviate pain caused by Sciatica, Herniated Discs, Bulging Discs, Spinal Stenosis, Scoliosis, Pinched Nerves and more! It stretches your back and naturally decompresses your spine which relaxes your muscles and restores your natural curve.

Q: How do I use it?

A: For the best results, place the SleepCloud replacing your regular pillow and try to be openminded about it. It might take 1-3 nights to adapt. Although majority of new users adapt to the new pillow on the first night.

Q: What is the Sleep E-Book?

A: This is an in-house made, 20 page detailed e-book, that includes instructions regarding how the sleep, neck and spine works, the background of the invention + details on how you can best make use of the SleepCloud® (+ pictures). Please add your email address at checkout, so you can receive your gift! If you did purchase and did not check out with your email, send us an email at support@sleepcloud.co quoting your full name and we will send The Sleep Book over. 

Q: I have a herniated disc on my cervical spine. Can I use it?

A: SleepCloud® is designed to relieve neck pain, not to treat problems or ailments in the cervical spines or discs. Treating a symptom is an art. It’s like learning how to ride a bicycle. Practice makes perfect. Please do not force your body to change in a short time. Take your time. Be patient. Trust your body. It will take you there.

Q: Can you use it while traveling?

A: Absolutely. SleepCloud can be used on the go as you can roll it, very easy to carry on.

You can use it on any bed. You can also use it while sitting in front of the computer to correct your posture. It will give you the very relaxing time by releasing tensions on your back.

Q: Can it help with UPPER back pain?

A: Yes, specially if you combine it with the SleepCloud™ - Orthopedic Knee Restoring Pillow - it gives you complete spine alignement during all night. Since the lumbar area is the foundation of the spine, sustaining the upper as well as the lower body together, it can definitely help release upper back pain, helping with poor posture and scoliosis. 


Q: How long until it helps?

A: Most customers report feeling significant improvement after only 3-5 days of proper daily use. 


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