SleepCloud™ - Calm

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Cure Insomnia the natural way and get to sleep 3 x faster with SleepCloud - Calm™!

SleepCloud - Calm™ plays 9 different sounds from white noise to waterfalls to relax the mind, mask background noise and allow you to drift into a deep sleep every night.
With a built-in light, that projects onto the ceiling, you can keep your breathing under control, reduce the flow of thoughts to your brain and take away the stress and anxiety associated with trying to fall to sleep.
Did you know - 1 in 3 people suffer from some sort of Insomnia?
A study has proven that by reducing the difference between background sounds and a "peak" sound, like a door slamming, you have a far greater chance of remaining undisturbed, leaving you better rested for your busy day ahead.
  • Cure Insomnia the natural way - Calm™ uses nothing but sound and light to aid easier and deeper sleep, safe natural and of course no side effects, unlike strong sleep medication!

  • 9 Different Sounds - Each sound chosen has been proven to help aid relaxation, reduce breathing rate and help you fall asleep. Calm™ also features a white noise setting which masks distracting sounds to help you sleep deeper and more undisturbed.

  • Automatic Shutdown Timer - Choose between 15, 30 or 60 minutes before shutdown to save battery. Alternatively, leave it on through the night to reduce the disruption caused by background noise.

  • Volume Control - Adjustable volume control lets you choose the right level for your environment.

  • Breathing Projection Light - Breathing in time with the rhythm of the pulsing light, slows your breathing down to 6 breaths per minute which have been scientifically proven to be the optimum state of relaxation to fall asleep.

  • 36 Hour Battery Life - Calm features a built-in lithium battery rechargeable through any USB port. 
  • Portable and Durable Small, strong and portable with no wires or batteries to change, Calm™ is built to last and go with you on every trip.

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